One bowtie per month, in the shape of your choice (you can change your choice month to month). We'll send it out around the first of the month, every month for the duration of your subscription. If you'd like to see some bowties similar to what you'll get, check out our other items in stock on our web shop.

Feel super fancy with your very own personalized membership card. All your friends will be real jealous, we promise.

Want to give it as a gift? We'll gladly ship it to whomever and make it special with gift boxing, a special introductory letter, and a personal message from you.

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The purchasing period runs from the 15th until the 15th. For example, if you subscribe on November 20th, you'll be in for December's shipment. If you subscribe on December 10th, we'll send you December's shipment. But if you subscribe on December 17th, you will be put into January's shipment queue.

If this is a gift, be sure to put the correct shipping address in the payment screen. Otherwise, we won't know where to ship it! If you miss those fields or mess something up somehow, please e-mail us at as soon as possible. The field for your personal message is on the payment page; don't miss it if you want to send a message to your gift's recipient.

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Wickham House is a husband and wife team who strive to create unique, high quality men's accessories. We currently work out of a studio in our house in sunny Florida, creating all of our products by hand. We specialize in the self-tie bowtie, but also offer a variety of other men's accessories including ties and leather goods.

If you'd like to look at our other goods, check out our shop at We also do custom work for weddings, formal events, fancy dinners, or more casual usage. Drop us a brief e-mail at with what you're looking for, and we'll see what we can do to make it happen.